Sunday, August 23, 2015

Against the Crowd Blogathon 2015: Links!

A little over a year ago, I hosted the first Against the Crowd Blogathon. The premise was simple. Bloggers would get to vent about a highly regarded movie they hate and sing the praises of a not-well regarded film they feel is underrated. With 20 contributors, including myself, it was my most successful of 2014. I figured it would be great to make it an annual thing. No matter what I thought, only you guys could tell me if it was a good idea, or not. You have spoken loud and clear. It was. Thanks to all of my blogging buddies out there, this has become the most successful blogathon in the history of this site. Pat yourselves on the back, or click your own links since that's the equivalent. While you're at it, click all of the links below and read all of the wonderful entries into the 2015 version of Against the Crowd. Thanks to all of you!

First, Khalid @ The Blazing Reel defended a monster movie I sure as hell didn't like. Then, tore a Best Picture Winner to pieces.

Grog the Ginger @ Grog's Movie Blogs loves a man in a cat suit far more than one in a tuxedo.

Getter @ Mettel Ray thinks a beloved irreverent comedy is just a joke, but she's dead serious about some Nicolas Sparks.

Matt @ Film Guy Reviews boos a Best Foreign Language Film Winner and cheers an Adam Sandler flick.

James @ Not Always Movie Reviews from James Anymore shoots down a classic western and loves up on some teeny bopper vampires.

Ted @ Just a Cineast takes it to one of AFI's top 100 American Films while loving up on a flick that once got the MST3000 treatment.

Andrew @ Actual Andrew thaws out a new Disney classic and shows why a certain superhero flick heats him up.

Sean and Jay, a couple of Assholes Watching Movies, stick up for a Will Ferrell comedy and a movie with great ensemble cast that no one liked while laying the smack down on two Best Picture Winners and another Best Pic nom, just for good measure.

Carly @ Carly Hearts Movies has a soft spot for a remake starring Nic Cage and despises a movie that took forever to make.

Super reader Joel visits AtC Headquarters and lets us know why he's far more excited about a lawyer than by people running.

Paskalis @ Sinekdoks tells us why a catchy musical is out of tune, but an Ashton Kutcher flick plays perfect notes.

That Other Critic swears there's a video game better than a Kubrick classic.

Brittani @ Rambling Film laments the fact that a film she thought deserved Oscar love got none, but one she hated did.

Stephen @ Surrender to the Void tells us why the comedy we all love isn't funny, but the one we hate is hilarious.

Steve @ Movie Movie Blog Blog tackles a Sidney Lumet crime drama and uplifts a faux-Woody Allen flick.

Drew @ A Fistful of Films is bored to death by a Hitchcock classic, but is entertained by a security guard.

Big Screen, Small Words trades in a well-regarded period piece for a not-so-well-regarded one.

Ruth @ FlixChatter is positive the sword and sandal epic she scraped off the bottom of the Netflix barrel is better than the one directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Rebecca @ Almost Ginger believes a Sandra Bullock comedy is better than one of my all-time favorite movies. She must have taken the blue pill.

Anna @ Film Grimoire hates the directing and writing of Zach Braff and finds Dustin Hoffman to be a legitimately scary bad guy.

m. brown @ Two Dollar Cinema chooses a man-whore over a Disney princess.

Sati @ Cinematic Corner would rather watch anything else but a comic book movie heavily inspired by video games.

Kevin @ Speaks in Movie Lines just doesn't understand a Japanese animated classic, but has no problems with a Spielberg movie even Spielberg would rather forget.

Dan @ Dancin' Dan on Film thinks a certain superhero flick is far too serious and finds fun in a movie that couldn't get Cary Grant so it used someone else to play him.

Here @ Dell on Movies I proved that a low-brow comedy based on an SNL skit is far more profound than the lofty artistry of Terrence Malick.

Thanks again to all who participated! Hope to see you all back for my next blogathon and I look forward to posting something for yours.


  1. Oh man, was I forgotten? :(

    1. So sorry about that! I'll get that fixed, shortly.

    2. It's OK :) Thanks so much for hosting this, it was a blast and I cannot wait to check what others chose

    3. All great posts. Have fun checking them out. And thanks again for doing this.

  2. I wish I could even remember what the blue pill is. Congrats on the turn out! Definitely worth hosting a round 2.

    1. Thanks. Hope you'll back next year for round 3.

      "You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe." - Morpheus

  3. Thanks again for hosting, Dell! This is always fun.

  4. Looking forward to two things:

    1. Checking these out.

    2. Next year.

    Congrats, Dell. Fantastic stuff.

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to next year, also.

  5. Thanks so, so much for being such a wonderful host for this great blogathon, and thanks for informing me about the blogathon in the first place, I never would've found it on my own. I'm looking forward to next year, but right now, I've got a whole lot of posts to read.

    1. No problem. I hope you enjoy reading all of these posts even half as much as I did. They're all great.

  6. Oh goody, reading material for the rest of the day!! Thanks for including me, Dell.

    1. Have fun with them. I did. Thanks for contributing. Just an FYI, your entry was actually the most viewed post on the site this week! Thank you, again!

  7. Thank you for hosting Dell. It was great taking part. Looking forward to next year

  8. Thanks for hosting Dell, this was fun to do! "...scraped off the bottom of the Netflix barrel" Mwahahaha, well not really, it was top of my Netflix queue ;-) Mine turns out to be the battle of the Stanleys :P

  9. The battle of the Stanleys. I like. Happy you got to be a part of this.