Monday, July 30, 2012

Ranking the Batman Movies - Preview

Like most slightly unstable and somewhat insomniac American males with visions of crime-fighting grandeur, Batman is my favorite superhero. Okay, all you guys on that side don’t totally geek out on me and tell me that technically he’s not a superhero because…nevermind. Just know that the Caped Crusader is my guy. Obviously, he’s a fave of plenty others since pop-culture is filled with the cape and cowl. Of course, it all started with the comics, then the serials of the 1940s, the live action TV series, several animated ones, graphic novels, video games, and all sorts of other merchandise. I’m willing to bet more people know the legend of Batman and can name a handful of characters than can name the President and Vice-President of the United States. Not sure what that says about us as a society, but this isn’t a political piece or social commentary. This is a concentration on the full-length features focused on Batman.

For this exercise, I’m not distinguishing between live-action and animation. They’re all lumped in together. However, I am eliminating movies that include Batman as part of a team. That means no Batman/Superman or Justice League movies. Yes, movies involving Robin and/or Batgirl are OK since they’re really part of the Batman universe. To the best of my knowledge I’ve seen all of the movies that meet the criteria. If I’m missing something, let me know. And I am a Batfan so, no matter how low a movie is ranked on this list, rest assured that I do like it, with the exception of the bottom two, of course. Oh, we’re doing the one at a time reveal so this will play out over the next few weeks. I will intersperse reviews of other movies. After all, this isn't an all-Batman blog. Feel free to discuss, share your own rankings, bash mine, etc. View all of the entries here.

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