Thursday, June 20, 2013

Speed Racer

Directed by The Wachowski Brothers
2008. Rated PG, 135 minutes.
Matthew Fox
Scott Porter
Paulie Litt
Kick Gurry

Speed Racer (Hirsch) takes on the corrupt corporations and organized crime figures who control the World Racing League.

It looks great. There are lots of bright colors, cars zipping across the screen and colorful explosions. It stays true to its anime roots by giving us a visually arresting movie. The cast all hams it up appropriately, John Goodman in particular. The opening sequence is an amazing piece of storytelling.

It looks great but that’s about it. After that opening sequence it’s straight downhill. The story after that point is strictly paint-by-numbers, most attempts at comedy fall flat and at 2 hours and 15 minutes it runs way too long for such a waifishly thin movie. Whenever your film gets to Goodman doing helicopters with bumbling ninjas you know it should’ve ended long ago. And just about anything involving Speed’s younger brother Spritle (Litt) and the monkey is just horribly unfunny. Finally, what starts off as cool action scenes degenerates into a lot of loud and bright stuff that you wish would just stop.

This is definitely one for the pre-teen set. It has the look and feel of a video game. By itself, this isn't a problem. The problem is that it feels like you’re just sitting around watch someone else play and might possibly have a seizure due to all the flashing lights.

MY SCORE: 4/10

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