Sunday, January 8, 2017

Spot the Movie Titles No. 4: And the Winner Is...

A few months ago, I posted the verse for the Spot the Movie Titles Contest No. 4. I didn't get as many of my friends to join in as I hoped for and put it off, for what was supposed to be a couple days to get more participants.Then I rolled into 31 Days of Horror in October. Before you know it, I had kinda-sorta forgot about it. Still, I did have some people vote, and they deserve results. So even though I'm quite a bit late, I am delivering the answers and announcing a winner.

Here is the verse as it posted, way back on September 26, 2016:

born into brothels in the city of god
took a walk to remember with a suicide squad
trying to escape my strange twist of fate
law abiding citizen in a land that legislates hate
so great - our journey begins with the 39 steps
into the wild our battle cry freedom or death
catch your breath then step up revolution might be coming
so be on your best behavior 'cuz we're good will hunting
for the nice guys, wise guys, the final girls, the survivors
to ride along from dusk till dawn in our chariots of fire
a hellraiser built to withstand pain & gain
changing lanes with the speed of a runaway train
black rain we bring it on singing a song for the fallen
the quest for peace and justice for all is the calling
the goal, the game plan nothing else accepted, jack
we're bustin' loose with the juice now analyze that

Now, here is the verse with answers revealed:

Born into Brothels in the City of God

took A Walk to Remember with a Suicide Squad

trying to Escape my strange Twist of Fate

Law Abiding Citizen in a land that legislates hate

so great - our Journey begins with The 39 Steps

Into the Wild our battle Cry Freedom or death

catch your Breath then Step Up Revolution might be coming

so be on your best behavior 'cuz we're Good Will Hunting

for The Nice Guys, Wise Guys, The Final Girls, The Survivors


to Ride Along From Dusk Till Dawn in our Chariots of Fire

a Hellraiser built to withstand Pain & Gain

Changing Lanes with the Speed of a Runaway Train

Black Rain we Bring It On singing a song for the Fallen

The Quest for Peace And Justice for All is The Calling


the Goal, The Game Plan nothing else Accepted, Jack

we're Bustin' Loose with the Juice now Analyze That


In case you weren't counting along, that brings our total number of movie titles to...

And the winner is...
Surrender to the Void

What that means is that I will post a link to one of his posts on that site at the end of each of my next 7 posts. I will usually try to link to the latest post, however, I'll start with one that came out just a bit ago...


  1. Thank you. I just want to thank... me because I'm awesome.

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