Sunday, September 12, 2021

Against the Crowd 2021: Day 2 Wrap-Up


Day 2 of Against the Crowd 2021 is in the books. Thanks to some wonderful bloggers we got some fantastic entries - one from an ATC rookie and a couple from trusted vets. Sara from It Was Like Magic just let it go and Allie of Often Off Topic, stayed on topic. Just don't call her kid. And Ted likes slimy things. Or, at least they look slimy.

It Was Like Magic

Often Off Topic

Just a Cineast

Click here to catch up on the action from Day 1.


  1. What fun! I missed this blogathon though I had participated in the past... perhaps I'll join again next time (if I know when it's on), as I like this topic. Cheers, Dell!

  2. Absolutely love your recap for today! Or yesterday, in fact :)