Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ranking the Batman Movies: #4

4. Batman: Under the Red Hood
Directed by Brandon Vietti
Batman…Bruce Greenwood
Robin…Vincent Martella
Nightwing…Neil Patrick Harris
James Gordon…Gary Cole
Alfred…Jim Piddock
The Joker…John DiMaggio
Red Hood…Jensen Ackles
Ra’s al Ghul…Jason Isaacs
Black Mask…Wade Williams
The Riddler…Bruce Timm

Someone using the name Red Hood, one of the Joker’s old aliases, has taken over the Gotham drug trade. However, the Joker is locked away in Arkham Asylum, having killed Robin, the Jason Todd version, five years earlier. There is also a whole host of other things going on involving Ra’s al Ghul, Black Mask and the Riddler. Luckily, former Robin Dick Grayson, now called Nightwing is around to help out his old pal. He also gets under Batsy’s skin noting that if he had the same issues then the Joker would be dead by now. In all, it’s a marvelous mystery and character study that rises above its medium. Best of all, it delves into The Bat’s psyche without recounting his origin story (yet again). It all adds up to an amazing Batman tale. In short, I think this is the best of all the Caped Crusader’s animated features.

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