Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Morgan Freeman Week: Addendum to the Chain of Command

A few years ago, the picture above started making its rounds on the internet. It's a fun little pic with an interesting ranking of some of Morgan Freeman's roles. Obviously it works from the top down in order of power and/or importance, hence his role as God at the top. Other than flip-flopping the Inmate and the Freed Slave, I'd say it's accurate. In the time since, he's played a few more roles, and a couple of the earlier ones were neglected. I won't go through them all, but there are some that deserve to be included in this mix. Some of these were a bit tricky. Feel free to let me know how bad I screwed up, or others you might include.

Speaker of the House
(Olympus Has Fallen)
Ranks Between South African President and CIA Director

Leader of the Human Resistance
Ranks Between Brigadier General and Colonel 

CEO of Wayne Enterprises
(The Dark Knight/The Dark Knight Rises)
Ranks Between Colonel and Sergeant Major

Forensic Psychologist/Detective/Author
(Kiss the Girls/Along Came a Spider)
Ranks Between Judge and Police Detective

Crime Boss
(Lucky Number Slevin)
Ranks Between High School Principal and Pimp


  1. Actually there might be a role he played even higher in the chain of command..... in the movie "10 Items Or Less" he played..... HIMSELF!!!!! Haha...

    1. Outstanding point! Should that be just above or just below God?