Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day 2014

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms that happen to drop by today!!!

Over the years since I've been blogging, I've given my two cents on a number of movies that deal with motherhood (and grandmotherhood!). There have been some good moms and some bad ones. There have even been good moms in bad movies and bad moms in good movies. Below are the most recent movies I've reviewed that deal with the subject, in reverse chronology of when I posted the full reviews. You can read those reviews by clicking on the corresponding titles. Sorry, we go...

Mama is an old-fashioned ghost story. It employs some new-fangled technology, to be sure, but the frights it tries to provide are from an era long since passed.

We get a fun and occasionally harrowing tale of a mother and daughter bonding through girl power.

Jackie is a stay-at-mansion mom who goes to expensive charity luncheons. Calling her a mom might be giving her too much credit as a team of nannies and housekeepers do most of the work.

We meet a handful of women who will very shortly be expecting, then journey through pregnancy with the soon-to-be mamas.

The last sixteen years have been a living hell for Eva. Things don’t appear to be getting better. She spends most of her days agonizing over what has happened during that time which culminates with her teenage son Kevin in jail.

To make sure we know who’s in charge, Whitney Houston is in full blown, stark raving mad lunatic warden mode. You get the feeling the girls have to ask permission to use the restroom or risk her wrath.

From the moment Rebecca De Mornay appears on the screen we’re pretty much mesmerized. As our main protagonist, she gives a brilliantly odd performance that makes us believe we’re finding out what it would be like if June Cleaver were a homicidal sociopath.

Director Roman Planski's horror classic in which Rosemary believes there is a cult out to harm her and her unborn baby.

Aparently, Martians know nothing about raising their young. From time to time they come to Earth to get the knowledge they need. No, no, no they don’t enroll in a parenting class or anything like that. They abduct a human mom.

To others she seems quirky, not all there and not quite sure of the gravity of both her situations. We know better.

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