Monday, February 27, 2017

Mt. Rushmore of Movies Blogathon '17

A few years ago, I took part in a blogathon ran by one of my oldest blogging buddies, m. brown of Two Dollar Cinema. If you don't read it, shame on you. It's the funniest movie blog out there. Anyhoo, His blogathon was called The Mt. Rushmore of Movies. I had a blast doing it, you can check out my entry here. After a bit of a hiatus, he's returned to the world of hosting blogathons with the 2017 version of The Mt. Rushmore of Movies. The rules are the same as they were...

To participate, simply choose the top four of anything cinematic and explain why they should be carved into the side of a mountain forever. Remember, these are real people carved into imaginary rock - so choose wisely! - m. brown

If you want the complete rundown on the rules and find out how to participate, click here. As for em, the last few words of that quote, choose wisely, are haunting me. Choosing wisely is occasionally an issue I've had when it comes to movies. I mean, I willingly watched thisthis, and even THIS. Nevertheless, I promised my homie I would come through with a post on...something. And so I have. To be honest, I'm not quite sure if the topic I've chosen is really creative or really lazy, but I'm gonna rock it out. If you haven't figured it out, that's a really terrible pun based on the topic...

The Mt. Rushmore of Mt. Rushmore Scenes

Yup, the big guys have shown up on the big screen plenty of times. Here are what I consider the top 4

Superman II
In movies, bad guys gotta do bad guy stuff just to prove they're bad guys. In Superman II, General Zod (Terence Stamp) and his two Kryptonian cronies needed to show us, the people of Houston, who was the new boss. To do this, they gave Mt. Rushmore a makeover.

Mars Attacks!
Speaking of makeovers for Mt. Rushmore, we have Mars Attacks! Pretty much for the same reason as Zod, the aliens in this film also replaced George, Abe, and the others.

Team America: World Police
It's not always about remaking the famous monument. In the case of Team America : World Police, it provides the cover for the secret headquarters of our heroes. Their exit, on the way to save the day, is a thing of beauty.

North by Northwest
No conversation about Mt. Rushmore in movies would be complete without this gem. It is the quintessential cinematic representation of this American treasure. Of course, that means it was done a British director, the incomparable Alfred Hitchcock. Nationalities aside, he crafts an astonishing climactic chase scene that still holds as a piece of brilliant film-making.


  1. There would be blood if North by Northwest didn't end up on top of this list.

  2. Dell, this is frickin' fantastic. Had you asked me to name any film that actually features Mt. Rushmore...I would have looked at you the same way I look at my wife when she says, "Where you even listening?..."

    I have (sadly) never seen North by Northwest, so let me put that on my immediate 'to-watch' list. I vaguely remember bits of Team America (mostly a vomit scene, a sex scene, and the dicks/pussies/a-holes bit), so maybe a re-watch is in order. And Superman II? Last times I saw that, I still owned a Pogo Ball. I'm good on Mars Attacks, though. I saw that movie probably a dozen times in college.

    Excellent entry, man! I thank you so much. I'm not sure I can out brilliant this one.

    1. Thanks! And I know that look well, given it many times myself.

      If that's all you remember from Team America, you remember most of it, lol.

  3. Ahhhhh this is an amazing way to go! Now I keep rethinking my own ideas, ha! I completely forgot about that scene in Mars Attacks, but oh man I love that movie so much :D

  4. I've seen all four of these but three of them so long ago I barely remember these scenes but you know I love a theme within a theme!

    However I watch North by Northwest frequently and this is one of the great set pieces in the Hitchcock canon with Eva Marie Saint one of the best of the Hitchcock blondes. It is a great sequence but the whole movie surrounding it is so masterful and so well cast. Cary Grant is aces of course but James Mason is one of the primo silky villains the movies ever had, and he could turn it around and play a totally sympathetic character, as in Caught and The Night Has Eyes, or a deeply conflicted character-A Star is Born, The Reckless Moment, Odd Man Out, Bigger Than Life and so many more-that was actually where he excelled most. Anyway a fabulous picture and a terrific post Dell.

    1. Thanks! It is most certainly a terrific film. And I really need to see more James Mason.

  5. Lazy? I think it's brilliant! The scene from Mars Attacks! is my favourite and the movie was hilarious.

  6. This is so meta and I love it! Very fun idea for an entry and I'm so glad you participated m.brown's blog should be the most famous blog there is he is so cool!

  7. Really clever picks here Wendell and love the Hitchcock inclusion. Being from the UK, Mt Rushmore is always something that has perplexed me. I mean, do people just go and look at it and then walk away or can you walk on it? Climb it? I don't know, but I guess I'll just have to accept the very realistic representation of Mt Rushmore as seen in Team America: World Police!

    1. Thanks, but no, you can't walk on it or climb it. So yeah, looking at it is all you can do. Well, you can take pictures, too, lol.

  8. I love the way you but your own twist on things. This is abso-fricking-lutely brilliant. :-)