Friday, October 5, 2018

31 Days of Horror 2018: A Creepy Poem

The heroine kills the boogeyman twice.

First with a rake to the skull.
The bones of it crunching
rattles your spine.
Tines squish as they're pulled free
soaked in blood, bits of brain.
Second as he springs back to life
with the .45 she lost during their tussle
retrieved just in time
to put a bullet between his eyes.
She limps away
camera pans back to the boogeyman
he twitches
credits roll.

You tip-toe to bed, lie
pull the covers to your chin
listen to the wind whisper warnings.
Strain to see through the dark
shrink into your pillow
when tomorrow's outfit stands
walks towards you.
Squeeze your eyes shut
inhale courage
open them to lifeless garments 
draped over a chair.
Drift away
jolted awake by creaks and squeaks
pray it's only the house settling

                                      - Dell


  1. That was... disgusting, horrific, gruesome, and gory.... and I love every single word of it!!!!!

  2. This is an excellent poem. I remember being in that predicament more than once and hearing tons of reals and groans. It wasn’t fun.