Thursday, October 11, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks: The Dark/Night

As any true horror aficionado will tell you, the best way to watch a scary movie is in a room that's as dark as possible. The one thing that might be even better is when that movie is actually about the dark and the things lurking within it. And that's our topic for this week's Thursday Movie Picks hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves.

The Last Man on Earth/The Omega Man/I Am Legend
As Whodini's hip hop classic tells us "The Freaks Come Out at Night." It's a sentiment shared by these three adaptations of Richard Matheson's novel I Am Legend. Our hero hasn't seen another human being for quite some time as a deadly outbreak has seemingly killed off everyone else in the world, or at least in his part of it. During the day, things are hunky-dory. At night, however, the vampire-like creatures everyone has turned into come out from their hiding places and force him into his own. Of the three, the first is the most faithful to the book, but all are solid. Checkout my breakdown of all three and just how well they treat its source material by clicking here.

30 Days of Night
At a remote Alaskan outpost, there is a part of the year when it's dark for an entire month. The people that work there know this time is upon them once again and are preparing to shut things down for awhile. You know who else knows this time is coming? An angry and very hungry pack of vampires. The emphasis there is on hungry. They eat heartily and we get to see all the gory details.

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
The title of this movie makes it seem as if the girl it mentions is in supreme danger from something she crosses paths with on her walk home. The truth is that the girl is the one causing danger for other folks. The reason is that she's a vampire. We watch her stalk her prey on the streets of this rundown town. It's an odd take on the vampire, but one that works. (Full review)


  1. We match on 30 Days of Night! I also really enjoyed A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night. As for your first pick I only saw I Am Legend which I was disappointed with.

    1. I'm one of the few bloggers who is ride or die with I Am Legend. I really enjoy that movie.

  2. Not being a horror guy I'm pretty pleased that I've seen at least one of these in full, The Omega Man, and parts of The Last Man on Earth-I keep coming across it in progress so I never stick with it but I will some day because you know Vincent Price.

    I've heard very negative things on I Am Legend and the other two just wouldn't be my thing but they fit well.

    Not being a horror fan I took the theme in another direction using films that were set after dark all with comic elements but some veer towards drama every now and then.

    Night on Earth (1991)-Quintet of narrative tales set in cities around the world as a taxi driver in each city picks up a fare at the exact same moment and we share their lives and stories during the rides. A fable directed by Jim Jarmusch populated with quite a cast including Winona Ryder, Gena Rowlands, Rosie Perez and Armin Mueller-Stahl.

    The Night Before (1988)-Nerdy high school senior Winston Connelly (Keanu Reeves) regains consciousness late at night in an alley dressed in a tux. Problem is he has no idea how he ended up there, where exactly in L.A. he is nor where his car, wallet or more importantly his date (Lori Loughlin) are either! As he stumbles around he recalls getting sidetracked on the way to the prom and that now Tito the pimp is trying to kill him. It sounds like a drama but is played for comedy, goofy but harmless.

    After Hours (1985)-Oddity of poor snook Paul Hackett (Griffin Dunne), a button down computer processor who through a series of crossed wires and misunderstanding spends one surreal night in downtown Manhattan in a seemingly futile attempt to get back uptown. Dunne is perfect in the lead surrounded by a bunch of zany characters enacted by among others Teri Garr, Rosanna Arquette, Linda Fiorentino, Catherine O’Hara and Cheech & Chong. Nominated for the Palm d’Or with Martin Scorsese winning the Cannes director prize.

    1. Oh yeah, The Omega Man and The Last Man on Earth are definitely much more up your alley than anything else here.

      Lots of people seem to hate I Am Legend, but I like it a good deal.

      Night on Earth - the cast looks great. The premise sounds great. If I'm being honest, though, the name Jim Jarmusch has kept me away from this film. I've tried a couple of his movies. I like Ghost Dog, but not nearly as much as everyone else. I hated every boring second of Only Lovers Left Alive. He is a taste I haven't acquired. Maybe I'll give it a go because of that cast, but can't promise anything.

      The Night Before - somehow it doesn't ring a bell even though it's a Keanu Reeves movie. Then again, you said it's a goofy comedy. That's not what I go to Keanu for.

      After Hours - I'm actually shocked I haven't seen this given it's directed by Scorsese. I will check it out at some point.

  3. We share A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night! I love that movie. I haven't seen the others but 30 Days of Night has been on my watchlist since the dawn of time.

  4. I've seen I Am Legend and 30 Days of Night, both are OK films but watchable. I still haven't seen A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night as that's been in my watchlist for years.

    1. Hope you get to see A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night pretty soon. It's good stuff.

  5. Evidently, my comment got eaten.

    I am continually disappointed with 30 Days of Night. It does so much right. The premise is fantastic and the ultra-feral vampires are how I want my bloodsuckers to act. They're scary and brutal.

    And then the film goes and has so many big, dumb holes in it. It's such a waste of potential.

  6. I believe I saw I am Legend..Last Man when I was a kid but don’t remember much but I have seen the remake which is ok. I haven’t seen the other 2 but the middle film seems popular

    1. That middle is pretty popular. Honestly, it's my least favorite of the three.