Saturday, June 21, 2014


Today is a cause for a celebration. At least for me, anyway. After years of toiling in obscurity nearing on isolation, and one year of slightly less isolation, I've finally reached a plateau some of my fellow bloggers will scoff at: 100,000 views.

Reaching such a milestone has put me in a reflective mood...a greatest hits kind of mindset, if you will. With that, below are links to some of my personal favorites among my own posts, in no particular order, and including a wee little excerpt so you can see what you might be getting into.

Alas, this is 1983 and there are no cell phones. This means we’re stuck with watching mom play hide and seek with this behemoth of a dog who’s coat grows more matted by the second. If you held a gun to my head and asked me which one were smarter I’d have to say the dog.

Watching her really feels like we are looking at Queen Elizabeth II wrestle with the idea of how to address her nation about the passing of Princess Diana whom she is known have her differences with.

Brothers and sisters, like Satan has a plot to enter our souls and turn us away from our Salvation, so too does Chipwrecked have a plot.

However, even icons are not perfect. JFK has The Bay of Pigs, Jay-Z has "Kingdom Come," LeBron James has the 2011 NBA Finals. Morgan Freeman has The Magical Negro.

Throughout the 90s, he supplied me with many of the most awesome martial arts flicks featuring an American actor ever made, no matter how much alike they all were. I know, I know, Chuck Norris, blah blah.

Why don’t the bad guys just shoot him? Rest assured, dear reader, they try. Our hero’s handy little homemade darts, thrown with the kind of accuracy that would make a sniper jealous, takes care of that minor inconvenience.

You already know how I feel about this so-called film. Therefore, I’m going to do something constructive while I bang out a few more paragraphs. I’m attempting to take the art of onomatopoeia to new heights, just like this, boom.

No doubt, Philippe’s quirky, not quite all there personality and obvious zest for life makes the stories of planning and carrying out of his moment at the top of the world into compelling drama.

Certain people are lucky I’ve not yet been named Supreme Ruler of the Universe. Cataclysmic events may have erupted the very moment it came to my attention that the ever-invisible and unquestionably guilty “they” were going to make another Big Momma’s House.

Once you apply the criteria I'm using, the pool of linebackers thins out tremendously. That said, I'm excited about what we have up front. Sgt. Engleheart can be a little soft, but Lattimer more than makes up for him with his 'roided out insanity and passion for having a place at the table.

We're taking some chances with our guards, though. Billy Bob isn't in the best shape and is prone to concussions, but he's hard to move. He also might be able to sneak out and catch a pass or two.

While doing a little self-research for this post, I've come to realize something about me. Generally speaking, the worse the movie, the better the review. With that in mind...

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by Dell on Movies, and an extra special super duper shout out goes out to those brave souls who keep coming back to the place even after they've had a look around.  Hopefully, we'll get to 200,000 a whole lot faster.


  1. Well, congratulations on finally getting your name out.

  2. Congratulations on the milestone! As someone just recently deciding to venture out into the blogosphere I hope mine reaches 100,000 someday.

    1. Thank you very much. I'll head over to Mike's Cinema and see if I can help you out a bit.

    2. Thanks again Wendell. Sorry about the lack of posts, I've been busy trying to promote a movie forum I recently took over (The Cinemadness ) Its basically a movie collecting forum but I'm trying to transform it into a discussion board for casual movie -goers and fans alike

    3. Nothing to apologize for.