Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Girl Week Blogathon: Links!

All good things must come to an end, including The Girl Week Blogathon. I had a blast doing this. My only regret is that I have another handful of movies I was trying to cram in for this week that I just couldn't. I'll just have to sprinkle them in as normal posts over the upcoming weeks.

There is one other regret, actually. This was all rather impromptu because I just happened to find myself with a lot of movies featuring female characters that I either watched during a horror saturated October, or were sitting on my coffee table (or in my Netflix queue) waiting for me to watch. So I woke up last Sunday morning and said "Screw it, let's make a week of it." As I was typing of a post announcing what I was going to do, I said "Screw it, let's have others join in." I like to think it was a good idea and plan on revisiting the idea next year. It will definitely be better planned, and hopefully, a much bigger event. Still, a few of you joined me on my little journey this year, and even mad your own snazzy banners (featured below). All of you who did contributed fantastic work. Thanks for that. Click on the links below to read the corresponding entries into The Girl Week Blogathon.

KG's Movie Rants on Jennifer Lawrence in...

Click Below for My Own Contributions to The Girl Week Blogathon

Thanks again to all who participated. Hope I can count on you when I fire this up again in 2016!


  1. I'm glad I got involved, and I'll look forward to an even bigger and better event next year!

    1. I'm also glad you got involved. Should be a lot of fun next year.