Friday, October 30, 2020

31 Days of Horror: Ranking the Kills - Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

I took a break from the carnage for a few days, but now I'm back at it. I have to because, well, Jason lives. Ba-doom-psh!

Now that you understand why I don't do stand-up, let's just get to dead teenagers...and even some grown folks! 18 people in all, but due to some multiples and two off-screen kills, we're ranking 13 slots.



Jason breaks a bottle and shoves it in Martin's throat. Unfortunately, we don't get to see it.


Steven and Annette

These two lovebirds get simultaneously impaled while getting on a motorcycle to escape. Again, nothing is seen.


Stan, Katie, and Larry

A series first 3-for-1 group decapitation should rate much higher, but again, the MPAA did the real hacking and we don't see much.


Officer Thornton

Jason once again proves that his aim is impeccable and throws a dart into Officer Thornton's forehead.



He gets a spear through the gut, then lifted and tossed aside like trash.



Our guy Cort takes a giant knife through the side of the head...while driving. Of course, crash ensues, resulting in arguably the most awesome shot of Jason in the entire series.


Officer Pappas

Jason takes this guy's head and crushes it between his bare hands. We don't see much, but it sounds really, REALLY painful.



Fans either really love this kill, or really hate it. The action of it is great. Jason rips Burt's arm off and flings him into a tree face first. The debate comes in because when Burt slides away from the tree we see that he's left an impression of a smiley face. Sigh. Jason redeems it a bit when we cut to him holding up the severed arm. 



This poor girl takes a spear to the mouth, then is held down by this spear in a muddy puddle until she drowns. Yeesh. Fun fact, the credit card we see floating away from her hand says "American Excess." Who says this franchise has nothing to say.



Our hero, Jason, yanks Sissy out of a window and throws her to the ground. He then turns her head enough to twist it off, and throw it away.



While putting together this post, I realized how much head trauma was in this installment. Here, Nikki gets her noggin shoved through the side of an RV from the inside, resulting in a much better visual than Burt's face.



A rarity in the franchise, a maskless Jason does the deed. He punches completely through Allen's chest, grabbing his heart in the process. 


Sheriff Garris

The sheriff was actually giving Jason the business. Unfortunately, human strength doesn't match whatever Jason is strength and the sheriff gets folded in half the wrong way.


  1. I think Sissy's death is my favorite though props to Sheriff Garris for trying only to be killed like that. Damn...

    1. Sissy's gets a lot of people's top spot. Poor Sheriff Garris.

  2. This is one of the Jason movies I don't remember as well, so reading this was wild. lol

  3. Oh year I will have seen some of these films...maybe.