Sunday, September 21, 2014

Back to School Blogathon: Class Two

If you've been hanging around here for a few weeks, you might be aware that I'm currently hosting the Back to School Blogathon. Today is the listed deadline. Before it passed, I wanted to get one more post in for it. I posted Class One last week. Today, logically, it's time for Class Two.

Before I start, just a quick note on what I'm trying to do, here. It's actually simple. I'm creating a class using movie characters that fit certain archetypes. For a full rundown on the rules, click here. Now, let's get to it.

Principal Powers
Sky High
She's tough and fair. Besides, if she can handle a school full of super-powered kids, I think she can handle whatever I'm going to dish out. It doesn't hurt that she's still easy on the eyes after all these years.

Trevor Garfield
As a high school teacher in Brooklyn, NY he got stabbed and suffered some serious injuries. He switched coast, became a teacher in LA and found himself in a school essentially run by gangs. You know what? He's going to get through to them one way or another. He's hired.

Star Student
Autumn Haley
The Program
It's easy. She's a great student who makes a little extra cash by tutoring the football players. What more could you want. Again, my shallowness is peaking through, but it helps that she bears an uncanny resemblance to Halle Berry.

Napoleon Dynamite
Napoleon Dynamite
Has there ever been a bigger nerd than Napoleon Dynamite. Calling him socially awkward is an understatement on the level of saying outer space is kinda big. All is not completely lost, though. He practices hard on his dancing and does sweet jumps on his bike.

Scott Howard
Teen Wolf
He's pretty far from being your typical jock. In fact, until he discovers that he's literally a beast on the basketball court he's a very nice, if somewhat anonymous guy. Once he takes over the hardwood, yeah, he becomes a jerk. (click here my Teen Wolf experience)

Popular Girl
Raven Darkholme/Mystique
X-Men: First Class
Part of the first class at Xavier's School for the Gifted, she's the linchpin that holds it all together. Besides that, she can literally be whoever you want her to be and has no problem injecting herself into any situation. (click here for my full review)

Invisible Girl
Lilly Onakuramara
Pitch Perfect
Who could be more invisible than a girl who literally whispers every word out of her mouth? If you can manage to hear it, though, she says some hilariously nonsensical stuff. For instance, did you know she was born with gills like a fish? (click here for my full review)

Class Clown
Jeff Spicoli
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Spicoli usually shows up to class, but doesn't do anything when he gets there. Well, that's not quite true. He's generally high on pot, says the most ridiculous things, daydreams about winning surfing competitions and has his pizza delivered right to class. (click here for my full review)

Class Bullies
The Heathers
They could probably be slid into the "popular" slot because everyone knows who they are. However, they aren't actually popular. They are really feared and hated since they rule the school with iron fists. Everyone must bend to their will, or else.

Troubled Youth
Kim Bentley
Malibu High
Kim is the quintessential troubled teen. She's flunking out of school and has lost her boyfriend. To turn things around she starts sleeping with her teachers. To start making some money, she takes up prostitution. So, as you might imagine, she's a busy girl. And her exploits don't stop there. (click here for my full review)

Well, there's Class Two. Click here to check out Class One. And come by tomorrow to see the links to the classes others have put together for the Back to School Blogathon.


  1. That's a pretty good class. I think I've only seen two of these (Sky High and X-Men: First Class, and I might have seen part of Napoleon Dynamite), but I am a bit curious to check out some of these others (Heathers sounds like an interesting movie).

    It'll be interesting to see all the links and what everyone came up with. This should be very interesting.

    Right now I'll still have to wait six weeks before I can post my take on this blogathon structure (I'm timing it to coincide with the release of Interstellar, for reasons that should be clear when you see it), but I'm sure it will be exciting. It sort of runs with the same idea but also has a more competitive atmosphere.

    1. Can't wait to see what you have in store. At the end of the month, I'll be unveiling another twist on this as well.

  2. Lily is my favorite character in Pitch Perfect. Everything she says is hilarious. I love Principal Powers. I loved the line where she says "I'm not Wonder Woman" which is hilarious because she is played by Wonder Woman.

    1. Lilly is fantastic. And yeah, I laughed hard at the Wonder Woman line.

  3. Good call on the Heathers for bullies. I really need to watch that film again.

    1. Thanks! So do I. Haven't seen it in far too long.

  4. I completely forgot about Sky High. Such a fun movie. It's pretty underrated I think.
    Wandering through the Shelves

    1. It's definitely underrated. I really enjoy it.

  5. Great to see Napoleon Dynamite get a mention. That film really did make me laugh, and he really is such a nerd. Maybe in one school his drawings might work haha. Not seen many of the others but valid choices for all.

  6. I might get a lot of flack for this, but I love Napoleon Dynamite. The whole thing just cracks me up from start to finish.