Monday, September 1, 2014

The Ten Most Iconic Female Movie Characters Links!

The Ten Most Iconic Female Movie Characters Relay

Way back at the end of June, I started a blogging relay for the ten most iconic female movie characters. If you've seen a relay or two floating around then you know the process is fairly simple. It is passed from one blogger to the next with each removing one character from the list and replacing it with one of their choosing. Things seemed all set for a whirlwind tour of the blogosphere and...

she sputtered out of the gate.

That's okay, though. It's recently picked up steam and is on a decent roll the last week or so.

As a quick refresher, here is the list as it was when I sent it out into the wild:

If you'd like to see my reasoning for including each of these ladies, click here for my original post. Since then, the list has gone through serious changes. You can follow along its path, here.

Here at Dell on Movies
Nostra at My Filmviews
Jaina at Time Well Spent
Ruth at FlixChatter
Eric at The Warning Sign
Dan at Public Transportation Snob
Martin at Martin Teller's Movie Reviews
Anna at Film Grimoire
Alex Raphael at Alex Raphael
Cara at Silver Screen Serenade
Mikey at Screenkicker
Table 9 Mutant at Cinema Parrot Disco
Zoe at The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginning Blogger
Natasha at Life of This City Girl
Kim at Tranquil Dreams
Ryan at Ten Stars or Less
Justine at Just B Movies
Emma at emmakwall (explains it all)
Eric at The IPC
Brian at Hard Ticket to Home Video
Melissa at Snap, Crackle, Watch
Devin at Movies n' Stuff
Sara at A Redhead at the Movies
Natalie at Writer Loves Movies
Jordan at Epileptic Moondancer

I'll keep an eye on my girls while they're out cavorting with other bloggers and let you know just where they've been by updating this post as necessary.


  1. Great List! These women are all so different from each other, yet sooo iconic.

    1. Thanks! I hope you check out the links to see the changes the list has gone through. Each posts is well thought out.

  2. I love each and everyone of these characters. I have to say that Nurse Ratched was a genius selection :-)

    1. Why thank you very much. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Sorry I've been a little late getting my entry up on the blog but here it is: Great blog by the way and wonderful blogathon!