Friday, October 31, 2014

The Slasher Cast-a-Thon: Links!

Back at the beginning of the month I started a based on slasher flicks. The idea was simple: create a cast of movie characters from non-horror movies that you'd like to see killed, and throw in one other character you'd like to survive. We call that last one The Final Girl. As we often do with the things that leak from our brains, I thought it was a great idea. I had fun putting my cast together. But alas, not many of you created your own.

Oh, the horror.

No worries, I'm okay.


Just promise me you still love me.

A couple of you were brave enough to indulge your sadistic side and offer up a number of live bodies to be killed off. They are...

John at Hitchcock's World gave us a cast that includes a hated Star Wars character, a Ben Affleck character, and the most iconic super-spy of all time.

The Flick Chicks, Jenna and Allie, offer up a ladies' man, a clueless admissions officer, and some eye-candy.

Right here at home, I also put a Star Wars character on the chopping block, as well as a gold digger, and a man in a dress.

Many thanks to the bloggers who participated. Of course, I'm flexible when it comes to blogathon deadlines. That means that if you still want to get in on this, create your own cast and I will happily add a link to your work right here in this post.

Happy Slashing!

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  1. This was fun, though I had hoped to see more entries. I actually tried sharing both your Cast-A-Thon and my own with as many other bloggers as I could but unfortunately most of them either didn't really give them much thought or didn't have time for it. Still, I've got my long-hyped Voyage to the Stars blogathon starting tomorrow, so hopefully that will be a bit more successful.

    Oh yeah, you never told us who the slasher was. Was it supposed to be anyone specific or did you just make up a character to fill that role?

    1. Thanks. No, the slasher was just whoever (whatever) you wanted to imagine it being. I didn't want to specify that, but concentrate on the rest of the cast. Maybe next year, I might give this another go and include casting a slasher.