Monday, July 14, 2014

Against the Crowd Blogathon: Links!


A couple of weeks ago, I started this blogathon and received a number of great entries. I'd have to say it's been a big success. Lots of the bloggers I already read on a regular basis participated, but so did some bloggers I hadn't heard of before. Needless to say, I'm glad to have met more of the wonderful people who share a passion with me. As a thank you to everyone who got involved, I'm centralizing all of the links to these entries here in this post. Hopefully, this will bring us all a few more readers. The bloggers that took part came up with some excellent choices so I highly encourage you to check them all out.

Sati @ Cinematic Corner takes Terrence Malick to task and blissfully reminisces on that one movie where Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman both played witches.

Over @ Movie Reviews from James, the titular writer did something so blasphemous as taking a Hitchcock film down a few notches and sang the praises of the sequel of a kiddie cartoon from the 70s turned live-action movie.

The Flick Chicks, Jenna and Allie, took a Christmas classic and a costumed hero to task while going to bat for a very morose Will Smith and driving needlessly fast.

Anna from Film Grimoire gets all up in David O. Russell's hind parts and breathes new life into a 90s pop sensation.

@ Hitchcock's World, John laid the smack down on John Carpenter's most iconic movie. After that, he made a case for Indy's worse.

Rhys @ Feeling Fuzzier wasn't feeling too fuzzy about one of James Cameron's epic adventures, but was about a video game movie.

Over @ Big Screen, Small Words, whirlwind.supernova has a serious problem with kiddie love, but not juvenile delinquents.

Around here, I've torn down many a dance movie. Angela @ Cinema 13 hits one I missed. On the flipside, she takes up for people we all hate - politicians.

In Coolsville, Ms. Coolsville herself may have slain the biggest giants of them all by bagging Humphrey Bogart AND Ingrid Bergman, but showed her gentler side when Anthony Hopkins climbed into the director's chair.

Karamel Kinema explains that one of my favorite horror spoofs of all time isn't so brilliant and actually laughed more at something starring Reese Witherspoon.

That Dandy Boy, Dan, is bored to tears by a highly regarded horror flick starring Donald Sutherland, then sucker punches all of us with his love for Zack Snyder's fetish flick.

The lovely lady @ Let's Go to the Movies was depressed by a Danny Boyle "feel good" picture and feels good about a Jennifer Aniston movie that depressed everyone else.

Brittani from Rambling Film gets in on the action by letting us all know that James Dean ain't really all that cool. Then, she does the unthinkable and goes to bat for a Halle Berry horror flick.

While Wandering Through the Shelves, Wanderer found herself on a distant planet created by James Cameron, and didn't like it. She much preferred the tender embraces of a hated rom-com.

m. brown of Two Dollar Cinema can't stand the way a certain Gothamite ended his career, but he laughed hysterically at a movie no one else did.

@ Poisonous Tongue (love that name), Modesto tells us that a coming of age flick starring Juno Temple is perfect, but the one where Emile Hirsch tries to do the same is horrible.

Mettel Ray nearly fell asleep on the worldwide manhunt conducted by Jessica Chastain. Thankfully, the sight of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's backside perked her right up.

Novroz from Polychrome Interest hates on Disney's latest princess. Therefore, it should be obvious that she's all in for a horror movie with a realistic ending.

Josh of The Cinematic Spectacle joined the party by not feeling the rhythm of a beloved 50s musical, but loving every beat of non-musical from M. Night Shyamalan.

Right here at Against the Crowd Headquarters, I pissed off the entire blogosphere by letting everyone know that I'd rather sit through a Michael Bay flick than one of Stanley Kubrick's most revered movies.

Technically, I set the deadline for yesterday, but I've been known to ignore one or two of those in my lifetime. Therefore, you can still get in on the fun. If you submit an entry sometime this week, I'll update this post to include a link to your work. Once again, thanks guys!


  1. Wow! It's great to see so many bloggers taking part. I've really enjoyed reading everyone elses entries :)
    - Allie

    1. So did I. You guys came up with some good stuff.

  2. Blimey, I didn't realize the deadline was yesterday. I'd finally started to find a possible choice for the one movie I liked that everyone hated (a lot of people are going to hate me for this, but I'm in the small group of people who actually enjoyed Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). Perhaps I could still do something with it though.

  3. I like the recaps. Good job. By the way I'm a she :).
    I'm also doing a weekly movie meme starting this Thursday, join if you can :)

    1. Sorry 'bout that. I'll get that fixed right away. Movie Meme sounds like fun. I'll see if I can put something together.

  4. Man, you are the official 'blogathon Guy' around these parts. Nice.

    As for the links, I will gladly tear through all of these. Sounds like we got some pretty cool shit read and get pissed about!

    [oh, could you swap out Asrap's banner for mine, please? My shit's pretty heavy, but not that kind of heavy]

  5. I love the way you share the links of the participants!! Totally awesome. I am intrigued with some of the posts because of the way you introduce it.

    Your blog also looks interesting, i will definitely stop by once in a while :)

    Thank you for hosting this unique blogathon.

    1. Glad you appreciate this post and I'm happy you'll hang around here every so often. The real thanks belongs to all of you who joined in.

  6. Can I do two separate reviews? I think one paragraph isn't enough to trash Crash.