The 100 Project


"What's The 100 Project?"

It's simple. I'm working on creating the list of MY top 100 films. As you can see, emphasis on MY. Anyhoo, that list will be the end result, but I'm not just jumping willy-nilly into this. The 100 Project is an exercise to help me organize my thoughts. It's going to be a succession of lists of my top movies from different time periods. Early on, it will be broken into decades, or an even longer era in the case of this post. From the 1980s on, initial lists will be yearly, but I will still also have a list for the best of the correlating decades. As I get into the years where I've seen lots of movies, the lists will be larger, but none bigger than 25 for a single year and 50 for a decade. When I'm done, it will be all these lists that will guide me in creating MY top 100 films.

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