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Long before I was a movie buff, I was into superheroes. So, I'm definitely not one of those complaining that they have taken over multiplexes worldwide. It's something I wished would've happened way back in the 80s, but technology and the then spotty box-office history of such films prevented that from happening. Now that it's here, I can't get enough. I see as many superhero movies as possible. After all, it's like they've leapt from the tattered pages of my comic book collection onto the big screen and breathed life into the childhood I thought forever lost.

These days, I don't always get to the theater to see them, but I do see them. This includes movies about characters I've never heard of and those I generally dislike. I'll even see the movie if I'm expecting to be bad. I've just got to see them. Since this is the case, I have racked up quite a bit of content about superheroes here on Dell on Movies. I figured there was no better way to highlight it all than giving them their own page. To keep navigation simple, just click on the logo of your hero of choice to see everything I've posted about him/her.


The Avengers


Big Hero 6 Birdman

Captain America


Dick Tracy 

Fantastic Four

Jonah Hex

Judge Dredd

Ghost Rider

The Green Hornet

Green Lantern


The Hulk

Iron Man



Crimson Bolt Sparks





Wonder Woman


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