Monday, June 15, 2015

Tears of Clown Blogathon: Links!

The deadline has long passed and I've gotten some great entries into the Tears of a Clown Blogathon which celebrates great dramatic performances by comedic actors. To get the full rundown on the rules, click the link. I'm a bit slack when it comes to these sorts of things so if you still wish to contribute, post your entry and leave a link to it in the comments section here, the original post, or tweet it to me @w_ott3. I'll make sure to add your link to the body of this post.

To those of you that already have contributed, I send a mighty thank you and, of course, put up a nice pretty link to your entry for the world to see. Here they are. Just click the banner to visit each post.

Rambling Film
Brittani at Rambling Film loved the unlovable, Mo'Nique's performance in Precious.

Movies and Songs 365
Chris at Movies and Songs 365 remembers Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting.

Fernby Films
Rodney at Fernby Films gives Adam Sandler some Punch Drunk Love.

The Cinematic Emporium
Sarah at The Cinematic Emporium rolls with the Foxcatcher, Steve Carell.

Flick Chicks
Allie is all about Jim Carrey in The Number 23 while Jenna tells us about Robin Williams in What Dreams May Come.
Mysterious Bibliophile
Irene, The Mysterious Bibliophile marvels over Jennifer Aniston's about-face in The Good Girl.

Reader Extraordinaire Joel reaches way back for Dick Van Dyke in The Comic.
Dell on Movies
With my first entry, I gushed about Mo'Nique in Precious.

Dell on Movies
My second entry was a longing for Eddie Murphy to take on more dramatic roles after Dreamgirls.

Thanks again to all who participated. If I missed your entry just drop a comment below and I'll get that fixed. Same goes for anyone still wanting to get in on the fun.

(my apologies to Heather, I forgot to link her yesterday which would have been her seventh and final link as part of her prize for winning the Spot the Movie Titles Contest. As penance, I will link her tomorrow for as an eighth time.)


  1. Thanks again for hosting, Dell! This was a really interesting one. It's great to see so much variety in everyone's posts, too :)
    - Allie

  2. No worries. Just get in on the next one.

  3. Thanks again for including me Dell, now I have to work my way through the others!

    1. Thank you for contributing. Some great articles, here. Happy reading!

  4. Sigh me up for 'Huge Asshole', too.

    (but it's summer, you know...hit me up)

  5. Awesome blogathon. I contributed one too:

    1. Sorry 'bout that! I knew something was missing. Fixing it now!

  6. Thanks again for hosting this! I had fun writing it.

    1. Thanks for taking part. Loved reading your entry!

  7. Thanks for linking! A fun blogathon to be a part of :)