Sunday, February 14, 2016

Movies We Watch Together

♫ Love is in the air
It's exciting and new ♫

Google it, young'uns.

I'm singing about love because it's Valentine's Day. You know Valentine's Day. That's the day greeting card companies and florists make a killing we all make sure to tell someone we love just how special they are. Around my house, the occasion is a little more special than it is for most of you. I can say that with confidence because we have something going on the vast majority of you don't. V-Day is also Mrs. Dell's birthday. For the occasion she's doing something she's never done before - bless the blogosphere with her presence.

Over the years, the vast majority of our dates have been to see a movie. We've also watched lots of movies at home. What often ends up happening is that one of us likes the movie far more than the other. Every now and again, we find something we both enjoy. As proof, we have assembled this list. It's all about movies that we both enjoy, sometimes equally and sometimes not, and return to as a couple on numerous occasions. I was going to do a traditional, numbered list, but I don't think that quite fits what's going on here. So I'll first present the one, our absolute favorite "couple's" movie. After that, they are no particular order. That one that we both love equally and watch often together is...

Love & Basketball
As I've said, we've went to see lots of movies together. This one might stand as the one and only time that we both left the theater equally satisfied AND for mostly the same reasons. It's just a perfect romance. Sure, it hits lots of the cliches present in other films, but it hits them so well it doesn't matter. Sanaa Lathan gives a career-defining performance which includes her being a more than believable basketball player.
Mrs. Dell: It's a really romantic movie and you know I'm a big basketball fan. Well, we both are.

And now, the rest...

The Fast and Furious Franchise
(2001 - ???)
I love the cars, you know I love cars. I like the adventure, too. It's just a lot of fun.
From my standpoint, I like the first four movies in the franchise as a whole. However, the fourth one was really lackluster. It was better than the disastrous third film, Tokyo Drift, but not good enough to keep me from wanting to tap out. Still, I didn't fight it when Mrs. Dell suggested we go see Fast Five. I had such a blast with this it's ridiculous. Speaking of ridiculous, that's actually why I like it. It's so gleefully just that, and doesn't really care. I mean, we're talking a movie that includes a pair of cars working in tandem to drag a giant safe through city streets while running from bad guys. And that might not be the craziest thing that happens. To sum it up, I absolutely love parts 5 through 7 because they're so bad they're awesome. Can't wait for part 8.

Coming to America
This movie is so funny. I love Eddie Murphy playing all those different parts. He is awesome. Him and Arsenio crack me up.
I'll just say that every moment of it is brilliant. I've seen it lord knows how many times and still laugh my ass off every time...while reciting much of the dialogue as it's happening.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe
(2008 - ???)
This might be the first time Mrs. Dell has ever heard the term "Marvel Cinematic Universe." In my experience, normal people don't use it, only us nerds and/or cinephiles. For her, and anyone else who might not be in the know, these are the Marvel Studios movies that started with 2008's Iron Man and all of the films that branched off of that. We come at these movies from two different angles. These are characters I grew up with and already have intimate knowledge of most of their origin stories. If I may presume, she knew the very basics of who these characters were, but these films serve as an introduction for her to their stories.
No, I never heard that term before. Yeah, these were my first time hearing these stories. I like that about them. You wanna know where these people come from.
Do you like these more than the Batman movies?

The Dark Knight Trilogy
(2005 - 2012)
Naw, I love me some Batman. He's just so mysterious and adventurous. You always want to see what he's going to do next.
No argument from me. You know I love Batman, too. Wasn't sure you liked it quite as much. Is it okay if I add it to the list.

The Best Man Franchise
(1999 - 2013)
There are several romances swirling about plus lots of best friend friction in a pair of movies that nicely meshes drama and comedy. The ensemble cast is magical in both films with all of them perfectly cast. And Nia Long.
I love these movies because they have great friendships and romance. I mean, I hate that in the second one she dies (I'm not telling who in case you haven't seen it), but after that they were all there for each other.

I think the first time I saw this was in high school.
Man, I saw this in the theater when I was, like, seven.
No, I wasn't that young. All the singing and dancing is great.
You have a favorite song?
I have a couple. I liked Greased Lightning and the one they sing at the end...I got chills (she's singing).
I like that one, too. I forget how we found out we both love this movie. It might be because I decided to buy it while working at Blockbuster. It was a special edition DVD I couldn't resist because it came covered in a little leather jacket. Either way, we've watched it lots of times and just have fun with it. Our kids even love it, our girls at least. We even had fun watching Grease Live!, the TV musical a few weeks back.

Why Did I Get Married?
I'm shocked. You act like you hate Tyler Perry so much. Why this one?
Its the best story-telling of his career. It's also restrained when it needs to be and over the top when appropriate. I also really enjoy three of the performances: Jill Scott, Richard T. Jones, and Tasha Smith. I'm really grateful for Ms. Smith's work since her character effectively takes the place of Perry's most heinous creation: Madea.
Yeah, she was crazy. I really like how it showed Jill Scott's character finding somebody who loved her regardless of her weight. I love all the friendship, too.

(2002 - ???)
I have a soft spot for movies that are just way over the top and don't give a damn. Both of these are that type of movie. Being honest, though, we don't turn to the second one, which stars Ice Cube, as often. Vin Diesel just does it better. Besides, he does things to you Cube can't do. I get it. Go ahead and tell me about you and Vin Diesel.
That man is just fine. Mmm...he's a good looking man. Sorry. This movie just shows off his masculinity, too. Even Ice Cube shows off his, but I'm glad Vin Diesel is coming back for the third one.

Love Jones
This was our Love & Basketball before Love & Basketball came along. It's another wonderfully done love story revolving around people you don't see much in movies, a group of black intellectuals and artsy types. In fact, the two lovers in question are a poet and a photographer. Nowadays, I think a bit more highly of it than wifey, but it makes sense. I'm more the artsy type. AND Nia Long, the other woman of my dreams, plays the female lead. Tell me about me and Nia Long.
Sigh. You are NOT in the movie. I like it because it's romantic, but uh, all that poetry and stuff, that's more for you. Don't get me wrong, I like how they use it to show their love, but you're more into the poetry.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Dell!!!

Thanks for doing this with me. Love you!

Of course, to her and all of you...


  1. What isn't there to love about GREASE. Great movies you guys listed, most of them I haven't watched in YEARS. Happy Valentine's Day to both of you, and of course Happy Birthday to Mrs Dell-on-Movies! :)

    1. Thanks! Now go watch some of these movies, again!

  2. I love that Mrs Dell is involved, great to see someone else having a conversation in blog form like me and Allie :-)
    The ones of these I have seen I have loved which makes me want to watch the rest!

    Great post - Happy Birthday Mrs Dell and Happy Valentines Day

    - Jen

  3. Wow, I like Mrs. Dell. She's got some good taste. Any woman who loves Love & Basketball, comic book adaptations, Grease, and Fast Five in my opinion, is a keeper. Have a nice Valentine's Day. Just make sure you keep it down for the kiddies later tonight ;)

  4. Happy V-day to you Dell! This is awesome, glad you and Mrs. Dell watched a ton of movies together. My hubby and I watched most action movies together, the only ones he won't watch w/ me are the period dramas, even though now that I think about it, he saw Pride & Prejudice and Pride & Prejudice & Zombies w/ me and he liked both of them, ahah.

    1. Very cool. As you catell, we watch a lot of action flicks. Period dramas arr neither one of our cups of tea. Add in zombies, I'm in. Mrs. Dell, not so much.

  5. I came within an inch of firing up Coming to America on NetFlix today, if only to see Sexual Chocolate. What can I say? I'm easily amused and that never fails to make me laugh.

    1. Do it. I must be easily amused, too. Haven't stopped laughing at it for damn near thirty years.

  6. She's definitely a keeper, of I do say so myself. And excuse me, what does dumbfuck mean?

  7. Damn shame what they did to that dog.

  8. Yes!! Hi Mrs Dell! I sure do hope you make another appearance, because reading this was a hoot. I hope you had a great birthday!
    - Allie

    1. I hope to convince her to do this again. I think we both had some fun with it.

  9. I love this post! Valentines Day is definitely my favourite day of the year and romcoms one of my favourite genres. Hope Mrs Dell had a lovely day. Love that The Dark Knight Trilogy earned a spot on this list. The Dark Knight is actually one of my dealbreakers - I could never enter a relationship with a person who doesn't like it (or is at least not open to watching a couple of times).

    1. Cool. She had a wonderful birthday this year. Lol, on The Dark Knight as a dealbreaker. However, I understand.

  10. What a great idea for a post! I might have to steal it. Love the dialogue here. Happy birthday, Mrs. Dell! <3

  11. This post is awesome, buddy! I love that your wife tagged along to give her input on the movies you love to watch together. The wife and I mainly binge watch TV now, since our cinematic tastes are so different.

    1. Thanks! Truth told, our tastes are vastly different on most movies. Besides, for every movie I watch with her and/or the kids, I watch 2 or 3, if not 4, alone because I know no one else in my house will like it.

  12. Mrs. Dell has great taste in men - Vin Diesel is indeed FINE! This was a fun post! Happy belated birthday/Valentine's Day!

    1. Dammit! When you said she had great taste in men I thought you meant ME! Sigh...

    2. (I obviously meant BOTH you AND Mr. Diesel, my good man!)