Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Against the Crowd Blogathon 2017: Day 2 Recap

It's Day 3 of the 2017 version of the Against the Crowd Blogathon. Thanks to my fellow bloggers for a solid turnout, so far. Thanks to all those who will be posting their entries as the week goes on. Here is the recap for Day 2:

Cinematic Corner thrashes one of this summer's darlings and quite literally loves up on a flick from Hugh Jackman's past.

Mettel Ray remembers next to nothing about a 10-time Oscar nominee with an A-list cast, but can't forget about a movie performed by a bunch of no-names.

Movie Movie Blog Blog thinks an Oscar nominated turn by Tom Hanks is overrated and one by Robin Williams that the Academy would like to pretend didn't happen is underrated.

Surrender to the Void takes down an Amy Schumer hit and defends a Chevy Chase flop.

When you finish with these, head over to KG's Movie Rants to check out the...


  1. I really wanted to join but just like last year I couldn't think of an enough rotten film for this. I guess I'll just have fun reading some of the entries

    1. That's cool. We've already got some really good posts. Hopefully, there's plenty more to come.

  2. "quite literally loves up on a flick from Hugh Jackman's past."

    A+ line and accurate too :)

  3. I figured it would be, lol. Thanks!!!

  4. Sounds like another round of great stuff!

  5. BTW: I just set the autoposter to post my entry early Saturday morning. It's nice that there are a lot of "so bad it's good" movies, and then let's also say that Peter Sellers got obnoxious after becoming successful.