Saturday, December 30, 2017

Spot the Movie Titles Contest No. 5 - And the Winner Is...

A week ago, Spot the Movie Titles Contest No. 5 appeared here on the blog. Thanks to all who participated. Let's get to the business of figuring out who won.

The verse as it originally appeared...

from the city of god to home on the range things change
spent all the money in the world to see doctor strange
my brain's going sideways got me thinking crime pays
the gods must be crazy - we live in strange days
all the president's men accused of crimes and misdemeanors
like they came from russia with love - i seen this
coming since the campaign - the year of living dangerously
i feel heat they keep 2 guns aimed at me
at least athletes stand and deliver by taking knees
raising a black fist but john q is hating these
men of honor claim disrespect for the flags of our fathers
but by boyz n the hood shot in cold blood they not bothered
'cuz life is beautiful with a slice of american pie
you don't want black rain falling from the vanilla sky
so you try to separate us by the thin blue line
but the paths of mice and men stay intertwined
stop with all that jazz like they divergent
cuz you think pleasantville before colors was pitch perfect
so 9 to 5 you work it try to short circuit my rize
with half true lies but i see the secret in their eyes
their cruel intentions, the speed of their lethal weapon
itchy trigger fingers bringing me high tension
i must mention a traffic stop is surviving the game
if i get out the car chances are i'll be slain
make the broadcast news the anchorman feigning sorrow
my mama praying for a better tomorrow - it follows
the history of the world, part one - more than 12 years a slave
once the people under the stairs of the ship and we been brave
made it to the new world against all odds
whipped and beaten like children of a lesser god
a shame not sharing equally in pain & gain
and to this day i listen to you call me by your name

Here is the verse with the movie titles revealed...

from the City of God to Home on the Range Things Change


spent All the Money in the World to see Doctor Strange


my brain's going Sideways got me thinking crime pays


The Gods Must Be Crazy - we live in Strange Days


All the President's Men accused of Crimes and Misdemeanors


like they came From Russia with Love - i seen this

coming since The Campaign - The Year of Living Dangerously


i feel Heat they keep 2 guns aimed at me


at least athletes Stand and Deliver by taking knees

raising a Black Fist but John Q. is hating these


Men of Honor Claim disrespect for the Flags of Our Fathers


but by Boyz N the Hood Shot In Cold Blood they not bothered


'cuz Life is Beautiful with a Slice of American Pie


you don't want Black Rain falling from the Vanilla Sky


so you try to separate us by The Thin Blue Line

but the paths Of Mice and Men Stay intertwined


stop with All That Jazz like they Divergent

cuz you think Pleasantville before Colors was Pitch Perfect


so 9 to 5 you work it try to Short Circuit my Rize


with half True Lies but i see The Secret in Their Eyes

their Cruel Intentions, the Speed of their Lethal Weapon

itchy Trigger Fingers bringing me High Tension

i must mention a Traffic stop is Surviving the Game

if i Get Out The Car Chances Are i'll be slain


make the Broadcast News the Anchorman feigning Sorrow

my Mama praying for A Better Tomorrow - It Follows

the History of the World, Part One - more than 12 Years a Slave

once The People Under the Stairs of the ship and we been Brave

made it to The New World Against All Odds

whipped and beaten like Children of a Lesser God

a Shame not sharing equally in Pain & Gain

and to this day i Listen to you Call me by Your Name

If you were counting while scrolling, then you know our official count is...

That means, with a guess of 63, our winner is...

Congrats, Kevin! You have won a link on each of my first 7 posts of 2018.

Thanks to all who participated, both here and on Twitter!