Monday, September 13, 2021

Against the Crowd 2021: The Grand Finale

Against the Crowd 2021 is in the books. Thanks to you for making it a success, even if you just clicked on this page and didn't submit a post. I'm taking success to mean at least one person besides myself posted and every person who submits has one other person aside from themselves read their post. Since I read every one of your posts, that's a win. Everything else is just gravy. This post is designed for everyone to get some gravy. Below are all the posts submitted to this year's AtC. Do yourself a favor and check them all out. Leave comments so they know you were there, and let's have some fun conversations.

By the way, if by chance, you submitted a post that I didn't leave a link for don't hesitate to let me know. I'll be more than happy to add you to this post. My apologies in advance to anyone who this might happen to. 

Happy reading!

Taking Up Room

Mettel Ray

Rambling Film

It Was Like Magic

Often Off Topic

Just A Cineast

Surrender to the Void

Realweegiemidget Reviews

Super-Reader Joel

Old Books and Movies

18 Cinema Lane

Dell on Movies

See ya next year!!!

...or sooner. Don't be a stranger.


  1. I don't know if you got my entry.
    This was a fun blogathon, I like reading everyone's entries. :)

    1. I didn't...I'm so sorry. I just finished reading your post and have updated mine to include your link. I really appreciate you joining.

  2. I've had such a blast reading everyone's posts! And I haven't upset anyone (too much) with my own post either so I'd hail that a success.
    Thanks again for hosting Dell, I'm already looking forward to next year.

    1. Thank you for joining. I love that you're a part of this. I'm ready for next year, too!

  3. Hi Dell! I submitted a post for your event, but I haven't seen it posted on any of the event pages. My post was about 'Twentieth Century' vs. 'Queen of the Damned'.

    1. Hey Sally! Sorry that I didn't know you posted. I've added you to the post above. Thanks for joining!

  4. Thanks so much for hosting! I love reading these posts.

  5. As always Dell it was great fun! Enjoyed reading and commenting on everyone's choices. Thanks for allowing me to join in!