Monday, November 29, 2021

Girl Week 2021 Wrap-Up

    Another year, another Girl Week in the books. Thank you all for making it a success, yet again. If you provided content in the form of your own entry, I truly appreciate it. Year after year, I get surprised with how many quality posts come in. 2021 was no exception. If you're just reading the posts, you are also greatly appreciated. There's just no point in writing if no one else is ever going to see it, right?

    To help you find all the entries, they're all below. Just click them and go on this wonderful exploration of women in film with us. Please leave a comment to let the bloggers know you read it. Engaging with readers and other bloggers makes what we do infinitely more enjoyable.

    As always, if I missed your post let me know in the comments and I will make sure you get included in this post.

Day 1

BB Creations - Way Down East starring Lillian Gish

Surrender to the Void - Shiva Baby

Just a Cineast - Orlando

Taking Up Room - Femme Dracula

It Was Like Magic - Favorite Female Leads in Romantic Comedies

Dell on Movies

Day 2

Realweegiemidget Reviews - TV ... Hart to Hart

1001 Plus - Oh, Baby

Super-Reader Joel - Imitation of Life (1959)

Day 3

Rambling Film - Studio Ghibli Edition

Cinematic Delights - Celebrating the Iconic Grace Kelly

BB Creations - The Thin Man with Myrna Loy

Dell on Movies - Black Widow

Day 4

BB Creations - High Sierra co-starring Ida Lupino

Rambling Film - Thursday Movie Picks - TV Edition: Mystery

Dell on Movies - 10 Gorgeous Movies Shot by Women

Day 5

Rambling Film - Ranking Kirsten Dunst

BB Creations - Gaslight with Ingrid Bergman

Super-Reader Joel - Outrageous Fortune

Day 6

BB Creations - Penny Serenade with Irene Dunne

Rambling Film - One of the Best Scenes in 2021

FlixChatter - Double Review: Passing and The Forty-Year Old Version

Dell on Movies - The 52-Film Challenge

Day 7

BB Creations - Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison with Deborah Kerr

Rambling Film - 2021 Blind Spot Series: My Fair Lady

Diary of a Movie Maniac - Gas Food Lodging

Dell on Movies - Passing


  1. Thank YOU for hosting! What a great turn out!

  2. A great week Dell! I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's posts and reading the comments. Look forward to next years! Thanks for pulling it together.

    1. Agreed, there were a bunch of great entries. Thanks for joining again.

  3. Thanks for arranging this, Dell! I spotted it via one of Brittani's tweets and was glad I could take part.

    I'm going to have a read through some of the other posts :)

    1. Thank you for participating! I hope you get to check out all of the other posts. We got some good ones this year.