Monday, October 4, 2010


Directed by Juan Piquer Simon.
1983. Rate R, 90 minutes.
Paul Smith
Linda Day
Christopher George
Edmund Purdom

A homicidal maniac is loose on campus, chopping up co-eds with a chainsaw at "The University". This thing is poorly written, poorly shot, completely retarded, occasionally random and often bloody. The unintentional humor meter is cranked to ten. Think about this scenario: After a couple girls have gotten hacked up, the police decide to send in an undercover agent. Two seconds after we meet her, one of the male students, who is initially a suspect, comes out of the room where he was being questioned and says to her "Hey, aren't you Mary Riggs, the tennis champion" or something like that. And, why yes, she is! Just so you keep it straight, a well known tennis champ works on the side as an undercover officer (or is tennis her side gig?). Better than that even, is the fact the newspaper reporter covering the story also knows she's the one being sent in to work undercover. Oh, and wait till you see her "playing" tennis. Let's just say the producers didn't waste any money trying to make her believable or anything crazy like that. Oh, did I mention that the killer usually leaves his chainsaw at the scene of the crime but the police never bother trying to get prints off of it or anything ridiculous like that. And wait until you see the final shot. Wow. Quite obviously, I had to love this movie. It's absolutely so bad its awesome.

MY SCORE: -10/10

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