Sunday, January 31, 2016

Prepping for February

Not that this is news to anyone, but February starts tomorrow. At the beginning of January I did a post outlining some plans for Dell on Movies. One of those things was to make more of an effort that usual to recognize Black History Month, which February is here in the States. I will do that with a few lists, some On My Mind posts, and maybe another feature or two. By the way, feel free to click the pick above to enlarge it and learn some stuff.

Of course, the big event this month is The Acting Black Blogathon which will run from February 15 to February 17. So far, a number of excellent bloggers have signed up. You can see who they are and sign up yourself by clicking here.

However, I'm not going wall-to-wall Black History related posts. I will post reviews of other movies, as well. I have a few that I've written some time ago, but haven't published yet. Hopefully, you'll be pleased with them. Of course, I will also have my next Blind Spot entry as we near the end of the month.

I'm also working on one other thing that I may or may not finish this month. It's something you all did in December, but whatever. Yup, I'm going back through the entire Star Wars franchise, the big screen entries, at least. Yes, I've already seen The Force Awakens and written that review, but I'm saving it until I get done rewatching the other films. Wish me luck, or God's speed, or something like that. See ya tomorrow.


  1. February already? Damn I haven't caught up with everything I needed to do in January. *LOL* On the positive side, there is payday.

    I've never done anything to observe black history month before. It would be good to do something in our homeschool this year.

    1. Strange how 2016 is already flying by, ain't it?

  2. May the force be with you Dell! I'm looking forward to those Star Wars posts :)
    I'm also looking forward to learning more about Black History, a topic I sadly have very little knowledge about!
    - Allie

    1. Thanks. Any Black History that I do will be movie related so you may not learn a ton, but every little bit helps.