Friday, October 9, 2020

31 Days of Horror: What's in the Baaaahhhhhx?

I almost never bring it up on this site, but if you follow me on Twitter (@dellonmovies) or Letterboxd, you probably know that I don't just watch a bunch of movies, I'm an avid collector of them. A pretty nice chunk of my collection is made up of horror flicks, too. I can walk across my living room and pick from around 350 of them. Therefore, I have the ability to see people hacked, haunted, or otherwise haunted in any way the pleases my little heart. 

A few months back, some news broke that caused me to sell off some beloved films. For years, I've had these on DVD. I wanted to upgrade to blu-ray and they were available that way for some time, but under some circumstances I didn't want to deal with. They all belong to a franchise, but in the great way of capitalism, the rights to the various entries are split between two companies. That means there would have to be some cooperation going on to get them in one set. It happened a few years back, but sold out quickly. As with everything that happens to, the vultures on ebay and elsewhere went into full price gouging mode. The other way to get them on blu was to get another set that the original makers made of their movies then buy individual releases of the ones made by the other company. Rather than do this, I just stuck with my DVDs. 

But like I said, great news came through. A brand new blu ray set was coming out of the entire franchise together. My reaction...

I sold those DVDs and put that little bit of money towards this new thing that I had to preorder because it wasn't coming out until, well now. Actually, the official release date is in a few days (the 13th, of course), but as with most pre-orders, it shipped a bit early. Therefore, I came home yesterday to see this gigantic thing waiting for me...

My reaction...

Okay, you may have guessed what's in this thing. Let me just spill the blood, er, beans.

Hey, it includes a poster!

It was a bit pricey, but hey, now I can die happy.


  1. Now that's a collection worth dying for!!!! And the packaging of it is gorgeous. You rock. I'm hoping to get a Blu-Ray player later this year as I might be doing some upgrading for some of the films in my collection.

    1. Cool. There is a pretty big jump in quality from DVD to Blu-Ray. I think you'll enjoy it. Plus, you can still play DVDs.

  2. Glad you like these.....I haven’t seen one...hahahaaaa