Friday, February 27, 2015

Dysfunctional Families Cast-a-Thon

Jenna and Allie, the ladies over at Flick Chicks are hosting another blogathon, This time it's The Dysfunctional Families Cast-a-Thon. The idea is simple: create your own dysfunctional family using characters from various movies. Rather than just keep blathering, I'll let them explain it...

1. Build a cast for your dysfunctional family from movies ONLY.  You can have as many characters as you like but you must include the following:

  • Lead Character - Generally the most normal of the family and spends a lot of time rolling eyes or telling family members off for their bad behaviour.
  • Inappropriate Mother/Father/Parents - Usually involves oversharing, inappropriate comments, name calling, swearing, drinking and/or drug use etc etc.
  • Stroppy Teenager/Manchild - Either the immature teenager who hates his family or the fully grown manchild who struggles to accept that he is an adult and should behave like one.
  • Uncomfortable Stranger - Usually a new girlfriend/boyfriend of someone in the family who is utterly appalled by the behaviour of the family they are staying with/meeting.
  • Traumatised Child - This is usually always a small child who has to witness the craziness of their family first hand and behaves in a certain way because of it.
  • Embarrassing Grandparent(s) - Whether alone or with their equally awkward spouse, you can always count on them to say or do something that mortifies the rest of the family.
  • Damaged Sibling/Cousin - Whether they have gone off the rails due to their messed up childhood or have just lost their way in life, there is always the sibling/cousin who doesn't quite feel they match up to the rest of their family.
  • Loyal Pet [Optional] - Despite their entirely dysfunctional family, the lead character can always rely on their loyal pet. Or can they?

They don't necessarily have to be in the named role in their original movie (i.e. the character doesn't have to be a mother figure in their movie to be chosen as the inappropriate mother) however you do have to explain your reasoning behind your choice.

2.  Include the banner above in your post and link it to this post.

3. Comment on this post or e-mail to let us know you have contributed. 

That works for me. How 'bout you? Never mind. Just let me introduce you to my folks.

Lead Characters
Xavier, Roll Bounce, and Akeelah, Akeelah and the Bee
Xavier is just your everyday teenager who spends most of his day on rollerskates and trying to figure out how to get with the neighborhood 'it' girl. Akeelah has thrown her heart and soul into trying to become the national spelling bee champion.

Inappropriate Parents
Mr. & Mrs. Jackson, Boomerang
Like a lot of parents, they embarrass their progeny with frank and open sex talk. Worse than that, they'll actually have sex whenever the mood hits them, even if that means sneaking off to a not-so-far-away bathroom during dinner and staying in there for much more than a quickie.

Damon, Friday After Next
Fresh out of jail, for God knows what, he's back living at home, sitting on the couch and watching music videos all day. He also does lots of things to let us know he's really struggling to adjust to being on the outside.

Damaged Sibling
Shep, Above the Rim
As a youngster, his best friend died during a game of one-on-one basketball. To this day, Shep spends his nights on a local court re-enacting the game, dialogue and all. Um...he doesn't use a ball, though.

Uncomfortable Stranger
Vivian, Jungle Fever
Lately, she's been hanging around Shep an awful lot. Everyone suspects they stumbled into each other one night at the b'ball court. They also think she has a drug problem. I mean, she keeps letting everyone know all the stuff she'll do for five dollars.

Traumatized Child
Pee Wee, Bebe's Kids
The kid has seen everything to put it bluntly. It's gotten to the point where he's adopted a gangsta-persona yet still walks around in a diaper and openly poops himself.

Embarrassing Grandparents
Vera and Bennie, Harlem Nights
No retirement for these two. Vera still runs a group of prostitutes out of the back room of a nightclub. Bennie runs the craps table at the same joint. They are also known to have loud verbal sparring matches in full view of everyone. Vera, in particular, likes to get into fisticuffs. And she'll whoop yo' ass.

Yeah, we're a troubled bunch, but we're all we've got.

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  1. Is that Terry Crews? Oh shit son! That dude is awesome. I love Bebe's Kids.... we don't die! We multiply!!!!

    1. Yup, that's where Crews made his big screen debut. Bebe's Kids is a favorite at my house.

  2. Yes for Damon and Bebe's Kids! (I love that movie, seriously) This is an excellent group of characters. I'd definitely watch this.

  3. I don't want to say this, but here goes!! I haven't heard of any of these characters OR the movies (with the exception of Friday After Next which I'm assuming is the third instalment of the Friday franchise that I didn't know happened!) Have I been living under a rock?!
    That being said, based on your descriptions, this family sounds awesomely dysfunctional and I would LOVE to see this movie! :-) Thank you for taking part.
    - Jenna

    1. Haven't even heard of the movies? Wow. Some of these were fairly popular in their day. Judging from what I can gather of your taste, I'd say "Roll Bounce," "Boomerang," "Akeelah and the Bee," and "Bebe's Kids" would be right up your alley. If you like the first two "Friday" movies then yeah, check out "Friday After Next." By the way, that one is a Christmas movie if you can believe it. I'm more than happy to take part. Thank you for hosting.

    2. Well me too, haven't heard of most except for Roll Bounce and Akeelah and the Bee. I think they're more popular in the U.S. ?

      Wandering through the Shelves

    3. You're probably right. Sorry, I can occasionally become locked in a stars and stripes decorated box.

  4. I can remember Terry Crews from Everybody Hates Chris. He's great in Brooklyn 99 too. Some great shouts. I'd have to fit Furious Styles in there.

    1. Crews has always been a fun actor. Didn't go with Furious because I wanted someone more obviously dysfunctional.

  5. To be honest he doesn't qualify 100%, but I had to try and shoehorn him not just because of his cool personality but his name too.

    1. Oh, the name is tremendous. Great point.

  6. Nice to see him in the other post :)